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Sign Language Bible Translation into Languages Besides English

Below are ministries which are involved in sign language Bible translations in languages besides English. There are also online articles and one video on the subject.

American Sign Language - Chronological Bible Translations
i tunes
This app is developed by Deaf Bible. These are videos where the Bible is translated into sign languages so that the deaf community can be still hear and listen to the gospel.

American Sign Language Project
This project by Wycliffe can help reach the American deaf community with God’s Word. Wycliffe has partnered with a translation team and four deaf-minded organizations to produce a book-by-book translation of God’s Word into American Sign Language, as well as a chronological Bible overview.

Bible Translation into Romanian Sign Language
Wycliffe Associates
A project of Wycliffe Romania is the translation of the Bible into Romanian Sign Language. This project aims to reach out to the deaf community in Romanian and around the world.

Core Activities of APSDA
Asia Pacific Sign Language Development Association (APSDA) is an international deaf-led based organization serving the deaf community in countries in the Asia Pacific region. They promote the important of the Scripture in sign languages. They also send workers to countries to run workshops so that the deaf people are better equipped for the task of Bible translation since it is their goal to translate the Bible into sign language.

Deaf Bible Online
The Bible for the deaf is now available on the internet. You can access it on Deaf Bible website.

Deaf Bible Online in 28 Languages
The Bible is now translated in to sign languages. On Deaf Bible website, they have published the Bible in 28 sign languages.

Deaf Bible Society
The Deaf Bible Society provides sign language Bible resources to the deaf community. They partner with other institutions and organizations that work with the deaf to produce and distribute the Bible translated into sign language.

Deaf Bible Study
Deaf Bible
The Deaf Study Bible is available on this website. It contains lessons, and stories and passages from the Bible.

DOOR International
DOOR International brings God’s Word to the deaf community. They do this through translating the Bible into sign language and training deaf Christians on how to reach out to their fellows with the Word of God.

DOT Program
Wycliffe Associates
Wycliffe Associates has been reaching out to the deaf community with the Word of God through the Deaf Ownership Translation (DOT) program. Through the DOT program, Wycliffe Associates is training and equipping deaf communities and churches, encouraging them to translate the Bible into their own sign language and then produce a final translation in video format for distribution.

Japanese Sign Language Bible
The Japanese Sign Language Bible is a project of ViBi, the Bible translation arm of Japan Deaf Evangel Mission. ViBi translates the Bible into Japanese Sign Language and deliver it to churches and deaf communities thru video or app.


Deaf Bible Spurring Sign Language Bible Translations for 2033 all-access goal
Mission Network
“The Every Tribe Every Nation movement has an incredible all-access goal for the Great Commission. This coalition of ministries is aiming to get a full Bible into every language used by at least 500,000 people by 2033.” (Read more about this article, click the link provided above.)

DOOR International to Hold Sign Language Scripture Celebration in Kenya
Mission Box
“DOOR International and its partners will hold a Sign Language Scripture Celebration on June 9th to commemorate the rendering of Bible passages into four different African national sign languages.” (Read more about this article, click the link provided above.)

Issues in Sign Language Translation, with Special Reference to Bible Translation
SIL International
“Sign Language (SL) translation is a field of growing interest to major groups involved in translation, but many SL translation projects are encountering difficulties.” (Read more about this article, click the link provided above.)

Sign Languages
Wycliffe Associates
“There are 70 million sign language users. Most of them do not have a mother tongue, because their parents are hearing. They do not use a spoken language but a signed one. More than 200 sign languages have been confirmed, but there could be more than 400.”(Read more about this article, click the link provided above.)

Why Sign Language Bible Translations
Are Essential in Reaching the Deaf
Mission Frontiers
“About 29 years ago, I came to know Jesus and accepted him as my Lord and Savior. Since then, I have been attending the church that I currently attend. It is an English-speaking church which has a ministry to the deaf. At the beginning, there were only five to eight deaf members. Today, there are about 40 of us, including those who are not highly educated.” (Read more about this article, click the link provided above.)


The Need for Sign Language Bible Translation
Sign language is the heart language of the deaf. Find out on this video why, and how DOOR International is working among multiple sign languages to give millions of deaf people access to God’s Word like never before.

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