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Evangelistic Tracts in Video Formats for the Deaf


Wordless Tract

There are thousands of different Gospel tracts out there, but I have been searching for ones that are wordless (or almost wordless). I wanted to find something that could be used with Deaf people who aren’t fluent in English, or even with Deaf people in other countries. There are Gospel tracts that are shown through video, and there are printed tracts. In this post I will share what I’ve found that is in video form. If you know of more, please share with me in a comment! I’ll save printed visual tracts for a separate post.

A friend shared a wordless video tract which was posted on YouTube and can be found here: It is a little over 6 minutes long and has a man signing with background visuals. Just about anything on YouTube can be downloaded/converted for showing through your iPhone or other tech device. (I will plan to explain that conversion process in a separate post another time, as there are a lot of things on YouTube that can be used for illustrating biblical principles including songs.)

Here is another one from YouTube that is very professionally done and has an ASL narrator who is very clear. This video clip is slightly over 2 minutes long:

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