Deaf Ministry Resources

Christian Schools for the Deaf Around the World

Harvest Deaf Bible College
Harvest Deaf Ministries

Christian Schools for the Deaf in Jamaica
Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf

Christian School for the Deaf in Mexico
Con Mis Manos

Christian School for the Deaf in Puerto Rico
Christian School and Chapel for the Deaf

Happy Hands Education Center

Filipino Christian Computer School for the Deaf
Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf Foundation, Inc.

Sword Deaf Baptist Ministries

Silent Word Ministries Deaf Bible Institute

Silent Word Ministries Teaching & Training Bible Institute

International Partnership Ministries, Inc.
Deaf Bible Institute
At this website, you may download these guides, manuals, handbooks, and teacher notes below for free.
Genesis Student Guide
Deaf Pastor Leader Handbook
Deaf Student Handbook
Local Church Deaf Bible Institute Genesis Teacher Notes
Spanish Manuals for the Pastor or Leader of the Deaf
Spanish Manual for Deaf Students

Deaf Ministry Resources